Welcome to The Standard

Owners Jeff and Jayne Fuller opened The Standard February 2018 in the downtown of historic Bourbon, IN. They wanted a place for people of all ages to be able to come and enjoy with their friends and family. Come in today for delicious hand dipped ice cream, a slice of pie like your grandmother used to make, or shop high quality antiques.

Did you happen to see us on Experience Michiana? Follow the link below to watch.

the standard



The Standard receives 2018 Golden Scoop Award from Hershey’s Ice Cream which ranks them in the top five of northern Indiana and the Chicago district.

The Standard award

3 thoughts on “Welcome to The Standard

  1. You have my absolute most favorite ice cream by Hershey’s!! When the place that shall remain nameless here in Plymouth started going downhill, I was told that the Outrageous Oatmeal Cookie flavor was going to only be sold for a limited time by Hershey’s. I was bummed! Graham Central Station became my next favorite (hint, hint…lol), but it will never take Oatmeal’s place. I was ecstatic when I stopped in one day on my way home from Bremen and had seen you had it in your case! I was even more ecstatic to find out that it is NOT a limited time offering!! Please, please, please don’t ever get rid of my favorite!!! 🙂


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